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3 easy window cleaning hacks to clean dirt off your glass windows

Want to enhance the appearance of your house? Make sure that your windows are cleaned and maintained properly. Window cleaning might not be as easy as it seems. The increase in the pollution has become one of the reasons that we always find some dirt on our windows even after just having them cleaned. Therefore, to improve the visibility and to get proper sunlight in the house make sure that the windows of your house are well maintained and are cleaned on a daily basis. However, here are three window cleaning hacks from window cleaning melbourne  to clean dirt off your glass windows.

Professional glass cleaning products

To get a perfectly clean window with a shine and to avoid scratches on the glass of the window always opt for professional products. These products are specially designed for glass cleaning. Different types of products are available for different types of glass. Moreover, these cleaning products might be a bit expensive as compared to other methods but would give a satisfactory result. It increases the durability of the glass and protects it from getting scratched. Other than that, it cleans the glass window more effectively and can last longer if used properly.

Use squeegee

If you want to increase the visibility and look of your house ensure that your windows are cleaned properly. Using a squeegee would help you to maintain and clean your glass windows effectively. Yes! The ones they are using at petrol pumps to clean your windscreens can also be used to clean your glass windows at home.There are different types of squeegees for different types of glass windows make sure that you purchase the right one. Moreover, all you need would be the right type of squeegee and a detergent solution for cleaning the window. However, a small investment can make your window cleaning fun and effective.

Home remedies

Imagine if you have guests coming over and you do not have a cleaning product at home, here, without a second thought you can follow some home remedies mentioned. Firstly, the easiest way is to use a newspaper and spray bottle to clean the window. Spray the water on the window and clean it with the newspaper. Secondly, you can use a mixture of cold water and vinegar or cold water and dishwashing soap and use this solution along with microfiber cloth to clean the dust away. Thirdly, always clean the edges using a toothbrush as it cleans the window deeply. However, all these methods are inexpensive and highly effective especially when cleaning is required urgently.

If you are looking for fun, efficient and effective window cleaning hacks to clean dirt off your glass windows give this article a read. To increase the durability and to improve the visibility of the windows make sure they are cleaned regularly. Invest in some professional products for long term results, if not available, home remedies are always a life saver. However, a little investment like a squeegee would also turn out to be fun and highly effective. Moreover, to avoid dust and water marks on the windows make sure they are cleaned from both inside and outside regularly.


Renewing the lighting in your home

“LEDs have opened up a world of design possibilities for us! Particularly when it comes to lampshades. Thanks to the widest choice of usable materials – as LEDs do not emit heat – I can make custom lampshades,” Burckhardt explains. As a result, he is able to best meet his customers’ ideas and suggestions.

Another fascinating option are lighting devices that anticipate your behavior. To explain this idea, Burckhardt gives the example of a dining room. If there are lamps installed above a table, in addition to the general lighting of the room, the two systems can interact with each other. For example, when the general lighting is dimmed, the lamps above the table can automatically become brighter, thus bringing the table into focus. “It’s definitely something nice to have, but obviously not essential!

For any budget, large or small, Burckhardt recommends always considering long-term costs. he tells us. Explaining that initially many people may be put off by the slightly higher price of LEDs, he points out that over time the difference in spending will more than make up for in energy savings. “There are also several cost calculators online that can do the math for you.”

To conclude, he reminds us that “regardless of the design, a faucet supplies water. And the same goes for lighting”. In the end it is the quality of the water, or rather of the light, that should come first: “In my opinion, focusing on simplicity is often the best way to proceed”.


v“For any lighting project, whatever the budget, you have to take a step back first,” says Burckhardt. “Today almost anything is possible, so you have to know what you want.” Points to consider include the purpose of the space to be illuminated, the desired mood, and the objects or areas to be highlighted. Whether it’s a home, an industrial space or a studio apartment, this information should form the basis of any concept. “These basic elements help us understand whether lighting should be warm or cold, direct or indirect, scattered or reflected,” says Burckhardt.

Equally important are the layout of the room and the type of furniture. “Lighting design and interior design merge into each other,” he tells us, proving his experience in both sectors. “One cannot be considered without the other”. Take for example the influence of coatings and materials: “Dark furniture absorbs light, while brighter furniture reflects it,” says Burckhardt. In other words, a room with heavy curtains and mahogany furniture will need more lighting than a room with beech furniture and light fabrics.

Regardless of your budget, there are a few things for Burckhardt that are always worth investing in. Among these are dimmable lamps. “A dimming function offers a great level of flexibility and can easily change the mood of any room,” he explains. According to Burckhardt, being able to adjust the lighting level is much more important than being able to adjust the color. Here too, his experience in interior design shines through: “Rather than changing the lighting from red to blue, I would recommend instead varying the color of the accessories and furnishings on which the lamps focus.”

Speaking of color, there is one part of the room that Burckhardt recommends keeping neutral: the ceiling. he says. Because? To allow homogeneous illumination. “Too often, the main light source is a lone lamp hanging in the center of the room,” he points out, “but this usually leads to patchy and often insufficient lighting.” As an effective alternative, Burckhardt suggests directing the light onto the (freshly painted) ceiling, letting it reflect throughout the room.